Membership fees


Membership fees

Initiation fee

New members pay a one-time initiation fee, based on the category of membership.

Membership categoryFee in €
Provisional Coil Coaters10.000
European Coaters & Paint Suppliers10.000
Other European Members5.000
Non-European with an associated company in Europe that is a member of ecca2.500
Non-European with no associated company in Europe that is a member of ecca10.000

Annual membership fee

The annual membership fee is set on the basis of the following criteria:

Membership categoryCriteria
European Coil Coaters and paint suppliersTheir production level
Other European suppliersTheir business in the Coil Coating sector
Non-European membersFee depending on their relationship with a European Member of Ecca
Stockholders and Scientic / Technical InstitutesSpecial fee

European corporate groups receive one invoice for the annual membership fee, which is based on each group’s global size.

Annual membership fees are available upon request. Please click here