Environmental indicators


Environmental indicators

Measuring our performance

While the coil coating process is the most efficient and cleanest means of painting metal surfaces, the industry recognises that there are impacts from our processes.  As a responsible industry, we need to measure these impacts and improve upon them.

The first annual ecca Environmental Indicators survey of European coil coaters was undertaken in 2008.  The survey covered over half of the European coil coating capacity and provided benchmark data against the following important environmental impacts:

  • Environmental management
  • Energy usage and associated CO2
  • VOC emissions
  • Water usage
  • Waste

The results of the survey can be found in our 2008 sustainability report, "Coil coating - sustainable business".

Importantly, detailed benchmarking data from the survey has been returned to all those who participated, allowing each of ecca's members to benchmark themselves against the rest of the industry.

The 2008 ecca Environmental Indicators survey was a huge success and has now become an annual event.  Watch out for more news on the 2009 survey...

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